Minister is already fell on irregular dams (imagine the

Louisville led off the night sessions and perhaps after seeing what happened to Gonzaga they took no chances. Employing tough on ball, trapping defense the Cardinals came up with 20 steals and made it very difficult for North Carolina A to set up their offense as they won going away 79 48. Burke (6 points on 2 for 12 shooting) needed 21 points each from Tim Hardaway Jr.

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This morning in a debate, a gentleman who introduced himself as a police officer, accused Mr. BILLON of incivism saying he was “throwing dams “In 5 minutes, he suppressed his publication when I told him that I was going to check his allegations.” After checking, it turns out that Mr. Minister is already fell on irregular dams (imagine the reason) on this stretch that leads him home and made them good, the charges free to give the capacity, we talk about it?
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For all those who want to understand the persecution of which I have been victim for more than 6 years, take your time to read this Good

Since April 11, 2011, we have been subject to unprecedented politico-judicial harassment by the government Yet, for more than 6 years, we have not stopped investing in research a political and diplomatic solution to the crisis

I-Two weeks after our arrival in Ghana on April 13, 2011, we ask our driver to bring us what remains of our books after the violent passage of the rebels to our home and the looting of that-
I- Since July 2011, our children have returned with their mother in Ivory Coast to continue their studies All these two facts took place before we recorded the first attacks against the positions of the Frci in Cote d ‘I-The 22 f February 2012, the Franco-Cameroonian journalist, Charles Onana must dedicate his book “Ivory Coast: the coup”. This is the first book written by an African intellectual and reveals to the general public, with a nonpartisan view, the destabilizing maneuvers against President Laurent Gbagbo by the various French governments under the successive presidencies of Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Si Is it because we are trying to destabilize our country, what is the French ambassador seeking in an Ivorian-Ivorian affair? But he will not be the only French ambassador to want our head as we will see more!
I-On June 4, 2012, we must go to an appointment in Malabo to respond to an audience that the Equatorial Guinean authorities we had granted in the framework of our mission spokesman President Laurent
I-June 29, 2012, the Ivorian television, in a televised presentation improvised any business ceasing, the main channele national television announces that we were arrested in Cameroon and that the procedure of our extradition in Ivory Coast was ongoing and that the following hours we would be at
I-For reasons that we will discuss later, we have a series of appointments to honor in Pretoria including President Jacob Zuma, President Thabo Mbeki, and especially, with Madam Zuma, newly elected President of the Union Commission After a month of detention, the 24 September 2012, the judge grants us a freedom under
I-6 Second attempt of kidnapping

Friday, September 27, 2012, around 16 hours, when we had just completed our first formality in the office of the officer of the Bni, a large number of plainclothes police arrest us from
July 14, 2015, we are summoned to the general direction of In addition, we tell him that we do not see disadvantage what it plays the role of intermediary, but not only between the head of state and us, but that the question of refugees is posed in a global way and that an overall solution is: January 18 2018, the court condemns President Laurent Gbagbo, Prime Minister Aké N’Gbo, Minister Désiré Dallo and Minister Justin Katinan Koné at 20 years of age While Prime Minister Aké Ngbo and Minister Désiré Dallo, present in Côte d’Ivoire Ivory, have left the court free, since no warrant of committal has been issued against them, paradoxically, which is normal since they did nothing that deserves that they be sent to prison, the judge issues two international mandates; one against the President Laurent Gbagbo, held in prison in The Hague, and the second against the Minister Justin Katinan Koné, in exile In this trial 3 essential information to remember:
-Bceao, alleged victim of theft, did not form part – Almost all commercial banks, also presented as victims,have not formed parties – Only the State and the Bni have formed parties The Bni, meanwhile, which has worked properly all the time of the crisis, claims that the breaks of its agencies during the war that took place in Abidjan is our – President Laurent Gbagbo and we were not even represented at this trial since we have not even received a quote to Two reasons explain the heavy convictions and the warrants issued against President Laurent Gbagbo and me :
– Côte d’Ivoire’s lawyers at the ICC told him that they had no more legal arguments to oppose President Laurent’s provisional release – The leader wants to to avenge for having wrongly announced my arrest in
Despite the persecution that we are the object of the leaders of our country, we remain constant and firm on certain… Several initiatives of dialogues stifled p ar
Two false accusations, one being the consequence of the other, are regularly brought against us:
– We would have broken the Bceao and carried about 400 billion F CFA (800 000 million US dollars)

– As a result, we would maintain an armed wing in Ghana to destabilize the Côte d’Nul can understand the tragedy that we live if it ignores the link of cause and effect between the two accusations, which accusations stifle all the efforts we have undertaken during the last 6 years to propose solutions to the situation of the country, including that of President Laurent Gbagbo which also conditions that of Replica Hermes Birkin.

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