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You may have wondered where the masses of people in masks were April 27. We shut them down March 4 and April 15 because they wanted to prove they could rally in Berkeley. On April 27, they came from far and wide to fight Antifa. Add brown sugar mixture; stir to coat potatoes and yams. Arrange sweet potatoes and yams alternately in overlapping circles in prepared skillet. Spoon any remaining brown sugar mixture over potatoes.

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I found it hard to get a good batting cage shot because you had to shoot through the netting around the cage. I figured a good shot would be from center field with a telephoto lens. I didn’t have time to try this option out. Thursday, Laing appeared on the big screen high above the TD Garden ice. In a 40 second video message, she thanked all of her supporters for the outpouring of kindness, love and prayers she’s received over the past few weeks. She also thanked the NHL, Bruins and Canadiens, who are auctioning off their game worn jerseys from Tuesday’s B’s victory in Montreal to benefit her recovery..

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The buildings are located on North Village Avenue in the Lionville National Historic District. The Lionville National Historic District encompasses areas along both North and South Village Avenues. A new self guided tour of the area has been published by UTHC and is available at the Uwchlan Township Administration Building at 715 N.

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