We don’t agree on which bank is the best in which to place our

People will surely disagree, but that’s just fine and totally understandable because, as I mentioned above, scientists are humans and we all come to the table with a point of view. We don’t agree on which bank is the best in which to place our money, and it’s not surprising that we won’t all agree on what’s right and what’s wrong in different research projects. But, hiding behind the veil of science as as an objective enterprise which it’s not, will get us nowhere..

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An informed prospective analysis of the technologies and trades of tomorrow


This is what awaits us in all next But will we know all these transformations?
A Let read to young people because what awaits us is unbelievable

> What does the future hold for us?
> In 1998 Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of the photo paper to> In a few years its turnover has disappeared and it has done> What happened to Kodak will happen to many companies in the next 10 years and people do not see it> In 1998 would you have thought that 3 years later you would never take pictures on film paper?
> Digital cameras were invented in> As with all new technologies, they were disappointing for a long time, but became in the future> The same phenomenon will occur with artificial intelligence in the world of health, electric and autonomous cars, education, 3D printing, agriculture and the world of
Welcome to the 4th industrial revolution!

> In the Next 5 to 10 years, software will transform most industries> Uber is simply a software tool, even if they do not own any cars, they have become the biggest taxi company at Airbnb> is currently the biggest chain in the world even if they have none.
> About artificial intelligence: computers are better, exponentially, to understand> This year, a computer beat the best player in the world, 10 years earlier than we are> In the United States, young lawyers can not find> So if you study law, drop everything from> In the future there will be Replica Hermes 90% of lawyers in least, only those who are specialized> The Watson computer already helps di Agnostic cancer with 4 times more precisionthat> Facebook already has a face recognition software superior to> In 2030 computers will become smarter than Alex
> Driverless cars: In 2018 people will have access to the first cars without> By 2020 all the auto industry will be> You will not have to own a> Our kids will never need a driver’s license and will never buy from> All this will transform our cities because we will need fewer cars, about 90%.
> We can transform> We will save 1 million lives each> Most car manufacturers will do> Many engineers at Volkswagen and Audi admit to being completely terrified by> Insurance companies will find in an immense> Their model of trade of automobile insurance goes> The real estate goes> The electric cars will invade the roads of here>
> The electricity will become incredibly clean and little> The price of solar energy will become so low that all coal mines will cease to be exploited from here> Cheap electricity means abundant and low water> Desalination now needs than 2kWh per meter> In the majority of cases, water is not uncommon, it is drinking water that is> Imagine what would be possible if all could have clean water at will for almost>
> Health field: We must announce the price of Tricorder X this> There are companies that will produce a medical device called Tricorder X that will be controlled by your phone that will take a scan of your retina, analyze your breathing and your> It will be inexpensive and so in a few years all on the planet will have access to almost free medicine>>> 3D Printers: In 10 years, the price of basic 3D printers has gone from $ 18,000 to $ 400 $ Hermes Handbags.

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