The next witness to take the stand

The next witness to take the stand was Dr. Robert Anthony, forensic pathologist for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff Coroner Bureau, who performed the autopsy on Tacadena. Photos of Tacadena and the gunshot wound taken by crime scene investigators before and after the autopsy were presented to the jury.

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Major League pitchers Larry Jackson and Pat House carried the Boise Junior College squad through the 1950s. The team churned out more draft picks and future pros during the next two decades as Boise State College transitioned to a four year school. The final years of the program saw the most success, consistently finishing in the top half of the Northern Pacific League during the mid 1970s, before baseball was cut following the 1980 season..

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The Yankees tweeted a statement from owner Hal Steinbrenner that read, in part, “Yogi Berra’s legacy transcends baseball. Though slight in nature, he was giant in the most significant ways through his service to his country, compassion for others and genuine enthusiasm for the game he loved. He has always been a role model and hero that America could look up to.”.

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