Goldman Sachs should probably follow Blackwater’s lead and “re

The concentration of the Ann Gerards is quite confusing. Luckyscent lists Ciel d and Perle de Mousse as EDPs, but Cuir de Nacre is listed as an extrait. However, they all the same price for the same amount, which seems counterintuitive. It is sad to discover that an art piece literature, music or painting that you like or enjoy has been created by someone whose other actions you find utterly repellant and disturbing. I recently discovered a musette/French cafe style music band called Primitifs du Futur was appearing near me this summer. After listening to their music online, I thought I had discovered something neat and lovely, only to find out that one of the band members is the cartoonist Robert Crumb, notorious for his ugly, sadistic depictions of women and racism in his later work.

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