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After the final whistle they were able to stay inside the stadium while the crowds dispersed.Since then the club has worked with the National Autistic Society to improve the experience for useful site Wrexham fans with autism.Watford FC and older people Every week fans aged over 55 are invited to go along to the Extra Time Club to socialise and take part in activities from carpet bowls to chair fitness, or even just enjoy a chat, read the newspapers and the free refreshments.Josie Ogle persuaded her terminally ill husband to go along after spotting an advert.She said: “Had it been in a church hall, he would not have been interested but because it was at the football club he was happy.” to go.”The couple went every week until John passed away, and then Josie continued to go after his death, getting support and friendship from her new friends.Burnley FC and prostate cancer The Barry Kilby Prostate Cancer Appeal has saved 100 lives after testing fans for signs.It was launched by club vice chairman Mr Kilby after he overcame the disease in 2016.The club holds regular testing days at its Turf Moor ground and at clubs nearby including Preston and Blackburn.Mr Kilby said: “As a rule, men don’t go to the doctor’s. However they will go to their football club. The test has saved lives when otherwise detection may have been too late.”Hull City FC and refugees The Tigers Trust has been using football to help refugees settle into a new life, keep fit and make new friends.They created a team called Kicks International which proudly wears the club strip and the organisers have set up education and training workshops to help the team gain qualifications in sport.Coach Ollie Ezard said “We wanted them to play in the Hull City strips because we wanted them to feel part of what’s going.

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