To do this I went to Layer>Smart Object>Convert to Smart

No spam and self promotion We remove off topic posts/comments, memes, and other types of spam. AutoModerator redirects common questions to the Weekly Question Thread. We allow self promotion at a 10:1 ratio of general comments to links. An instance (of a problem) is what we provide as input to the problem for example an instance of the “Hamiltonian path problem” (HAM) is a graph; an instance of the travelling salesman problem (TSP) is a weighted graph together with an integer. They answer the question “does this graph have a Hamiltionian path?” with “yes”) and “yes” instances of TSP are graph+bound where there is a tour of all vertices of the graph that costs less than bound.A (many one) reduction (there are other kinds of reduction but this is the most common) is a function that maps instances of one problem to instances of another under the condition that “yes” instances map to “yes” instances and “no” instances map to “no” instances. A reduction is a polynomial time reduction if the output instance can be constructed in polynomial time wrt the size of the input instance.

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