“It’s foolish to rely solely on advice created by a formula

The problem is that algorithms are based on past and current economic and financial data to ensure a safe course of action for clients who might be wary of investing on their own, experts say.”It’s foolish to rely solely on advice created by a formula,” he said. “The best use of robo platforms is when you pair it with commentary from a certified financial planner.”McElwee provides three specific reasons why that’s the case:Robo advice assumes that the past is destined to repeat itself.”We know that markets, investors, and geopolitics are always evolving,” McElwee said. “A financial planner and active portfolio manager can help mitigate risk by adapting to current trends and investor changing needs.”People make bad financial decisions when they are under financial stress.”While algorithmic systems portray an amount of ‘certainty,’ they do not necessary have the ability to soothe a client’s nerves when financial issues present themselves,” he added.

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