However, there are many of the top designers that have created

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Wholesale Replica Bags * Indus Valley Civilization | History of ancient India *
● Who is the father of Designer Replica Handbags history – Herodotus
● In which period there is no written description of human events What is called that period – prehistoric time – ● What is a written description of the events of human life – History

In what age did the invention of fire happen? In the Puranasya era

What was the main basis of human’s livelihood – Hunt
● Wheels Which era happened in the era of Navaraty? ● What is the popular name of the Harappan civilization? – Indus Valley civilization. ● What is considered to be the period of Indus civilization – 2500 ● The first horse in the Indus Valley Civilization Where were the remains of Surakota? ● What was the main occupation of the people of Indus Valley Civilization – Business
● Harappa’s civilization was the era of civilization – Bronze Age
● Whose home in the Indus Valley Civilization? They were:
● The Harappan people were at the forefront of the crop- Cotton
● Who first discovered Harappa’s civilization – Dayaram Sahni
● What was the main port of Indus Civilization – Lothal (Gujarat)
● The site of the Valley of Indus Valley ‘Kalibanga’ is in which state – in Rajasthan

What year of Harappan civilization was discovered – 1921 How was the social system of the people of Harappa- Right egalist
● oasis Which place of civilization has been told- Mohenjodaro
● Where did the evidence of farming in Harappan’s civilization be found – Kalibanga? ● From the place where the brick bronze adornment was received – Kalibanga
● Where did a large bathroom be found in the civilization of Indus – in Mohanjodaro
● Which god was pictured on the currency of Indus Civilization – Aghashiva
● What other is known as Mohan jodaro – the mound of the dead
● Which of the animals was scattered over the sticks obtained from the excavated sites of Sadhvas – bulls
● Which place of Indus Civilization is located in India – Lothal
● Which is the oldest old city ever discovered in India? Had Harappan
● Where did the evidence of availability of silver in India be found in the Harappan culture? ● Which river was situated on the river – on Chenab
● The main site of the Harappan civilization Ropad stands on which river?Tha – Sutlej river
● The location of a good water management in Harappa runs from the place – from Dholavira
● The people of Indus Civilization used the colors on pottery – red color
● Indus In which age did the civilization of the valley –
in the pre-historic era? ● Who are the names of the two Indian people in the search of the civilization of the Indus Valley; Dayaram Sahni and ● The main crop of the Indus Valley Civilization What was – barley and wheat
● Where is the contemporary civilization of Harappan Rangpur- Where is the excavation of Harappa and Mohenjodaro? – Sir John Marshall
● Who among the people of Indus Civilization believed in the most God-motherhood

● Who made the paws in the Harappan civilization – from the clutter. ● From what place did the Bronze statue of a woman with a dancing currency – from Mohan jodaro – ● Mohan Jodaro is located at this time – Sindh, Pak நியாய்ச்சொல்லில்
● Which metal was used by Harappavas first – of copper
● In which state did Harappa era find most of the places in India after independence – Gujarat
● Which metal from the Harappa resident Were not familiar – from iron = Harappa civilization was the civilization of which era – Tamayuga
● In which state is Kalibangan, the main town of Harappa, in Rajasthan? ● In what sport is the resident of Harappa? Khatte were- Chess
● Which town of Harappa was called ‘Sindh ka Bagh’ – to Mohan jodaro

What is the literal meaning of Mohan jodaro – The mound of the dead
● The configuration of houses and cities of Harappa residents Which method to adopt- Grid method Wholesale Replica Bags.

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