He had one of the worst performances ever on a major with clg

Having a PR team creates an organised and efficient response and permits remedial actions to be taken without embarrassment. Listening to Nadeshot on this episode moved me from being 100T neutral to joining the ranks of the 100T Dude says he doesn want to have a wall between the team and the community, but when asked questions he just word vomits useless shoutouts and refuses to acknowledge the main point of the question.And even when he does try to address concerns, he just fucking pivots to the same stupid false dichotomy of the only two options are total silence or a full airing of all dirty laundry, rock and a hard place man, rock and a hard place There a whole fucking world of shades of grey in between those two options, and a good PR person would get that THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL.He as much as promises that nothing is ever going to change when he says that he going to approach every potentially controversial moment the same fucking way. airforceonetop Episode of the Heist makes him sweat? We nixing it, and the episode for the week after that too.

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